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The International Tennis Club of Australia - the IC - is Australia’s player alumni.

Our Club was created in 1951 to preserve friendships and promote goodwill between players and countries, upholding values of sportsmanship and fair play, with Australia’s legendary champions Adrian Quist and Frank Sedgman two of the driving forces. 

Today, the IC upholds those same values, bringing current and former players together, organising events in Australia and internationally with our 40 worldwide counterparts, keeping the tennis family connected, providing tennis, social opportunities and giving back to the game. 

The IC’s purpose is to enrich the lives of former tennis players.

Beyond the Tour is an initiative of the IC Australia, assisting retiring and retired players transition to life after the tennis tour, with advice, practical support, networking and a helping hand. 

We also encourage the current player group to think about what life might look like Beyond the Tour.

If you’re a current or former pro player, we hope to see you soon as a Member of the IC, our tennis family.

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Back in action at the Robert Abdesselam Trophy

Back in action at the Robert Abdesselam Trophy

Everybody was happy that the Royal Tennis Club of Liège was preserved out of the major floods that happened in the city a week before.

From Thursday 28th to Saturday 31st of July, the Robert-Abdesselam Trophy gathered the founding competition ICs (Belgium, Spain and France) and the IC of Luxemburg as IC guest. The Presidents of the ICs of Belgium and Luxemburg, Michel de Marneffe and Pierre Kurt, both played for their respective team. IC of Spain President, Berta Tintore, was also at the event.

For a year and a half, it was the very first IC meeting for all of these four European ICs and everybody was thrilled to meet up again. All matches were played in the nicest IC spirit and the IC of France finally defeated the hosting IC to hold the Robert-Abdesselam Trophy for the third time in a row. The IC of Luxemburg finished 3rd and Spain 4th.

As usual, the IC of Belgium provided a friendly welcome and a warm hospitality to all the participants. A big thank you goes to them. Attached is the full list of results and you can find more information on the IC of Belgium website and some pictures here - le lien vers l'album photo

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