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Our Club was born out of the desire to preserve friendships and promote goodwill between players and countries, upholding the values of sportsmanship and fair play, with Australia’s legendary champions Adrian Quist and Frank Sedgman two of the driving forces. 

Frank was President for many years, continues to be involved now as Patron, and also as President of the IC Council internationally.   Paul McNamee succeeded Frank as President, then Geoff Masters was at the helm until January 2019, when Kerryn Pratt became the first female President of the ICA.

Our Club brings people together, organising events in Australia and around the world with our 39 worldwide counterparts, providing tennis, travel and social opportunities. 

We are an alumni group, former players, teaming up with other significant contributors to tennis here in Australia and overseas to accentuate and build on all the positives the game offers.

As a Club, we are grateful for the opportunities tennis has gifted us and now wish to give back. The IC helps underprivileged young people access tennis, and also assists retiring players transition to life after the tennis tour, with advice, networking and a helping hand. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website. 

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The Barbados Caribbean IC Doubles Week event is taking place on Monday 8th - Friday 12th April. Held at the beautiful Barbados Yacht Club, Bay St, St Michael Barbados (http://barbadosyachtclub.com/), the following six teams will be competing; IC Austria, a combined IC Bahamas and Bermuda team, IC Canada, IC Ireland, IC USA and the home team IC

A team match must consist of one ladies doubles with combined ages of 100+ years; two men's doubles with combined ages of 105+ years and 120+ years AND two mixed doubles with combined ages of 105+ years and 110 years. Three teams will be in two groups, with the winners of each group to play each other in the finals, and the remaining teams to play against each other for 3rd - 6th place.

In true IC fashion, there will also be an array of social activities and tourist opportunities including; the welcome cocktail party, a mid-week cocktail party, a catamaran cruise (and a well earned day off for everyone!), and a farewell beach bbq.

For further information, please see the attached factsheet. Best of luck to all the teams involved and have an enjoyable week!

Download the factsheet

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Ken Rosewall Regional Project launch, sponsored by CQS

Ken Rosewall Regional Project launch, sponsored by CQS

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