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Our Club was born out of the desire to preserve friendships and promote goodwill between players and countries, upholding the values of sportsmanship and fair play, with Australia’s legendary champions Adrian Quist and Frank Sedgman two of the driving forces. 

Frank was President for many years, continues to be involved now as Patron, and also as President of the IC Council internationally.   Paul McNamee succeeded Frank as President, then Geoff Masters was at the helm until January 2019, when Kerryn Pratt became the first female President of the ICA.

Our Club brings people together, organising events in Australia and around the world with our 39 worldwide counterparts, providing tennis, travel and social opportunities. 

We are an alumni group, former players, teaming up with other significant contributors to tennis here in Australia and overseas to accentuate and build on all the positives the game offers.

As a Club, we are grateful for the opportunities tennis has gifted us and now wish to give back. The IC helps underprivileged young people access tennis, and also assists retiring players transition to life after the tennis tour, with advice, networking and a helping hand. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website. 

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We saw a great week of competition and camaraderie with the IC of USA team emerging undefeated and as the 2018 Champions with a final day win over the IC of Uruguay. The strong Italian team came in second with Uruguay third. Host nation Japan took fourth place and South Africa the fifth.

The final place went to India who, although not recording a win, played well and pushed most teams to several tie breaks.

The overall standard was high and in depth. The Italian team, with all four players ranked in the top 200 ITF 18 & under rankings, only managed second place and were given some close matches by all teams.

The juniors have had a great week of tennis and played as many matches as if they were in a 32-draw tournament in both singles and doubles and making the finals in both events. So instead of just making finals this week, they have also been making friends in the motto of the IC "Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean".

There were plenty of candidates for the Sportsmanship awards which went to Nishant Dabas of India and Linge Steenkamp from South Africa with honourable mentions to both Japanese boys.

At the final night dinner the IC of Japan were thanked for putting on an outstanding week that culturally was the best ever - an outstanding Welcome Dinner with her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado in attendance, a clinic for disadvantaged kids with the juniors helping, dressing everyone in Kimonos, a visit to a Buddhist Temple, a tea ceremony and caligraphy class.

At the final night dinner the juniors spoke and explained the meaning of their country flags to everyone, thanked the IC and IC Japan for putting on what many of them expressed as the best week of tennis they have ever had.

Final placings:





South Africa


Half the juniors are now going on to the Grade 1 ITF Junior Tournament in Osaka, Japan where they will continue the friendships they have built this week and use the experience they have gained playing tennis in The Compass IC Junior Challenge Worldwide Finals 2018.  All the photos from the event can be viewed and downloaded free here by courtesy of Yoshiharu Yokoyama and Julian Tatum.

Final comments from Julian Tatum :
Mimi Yoshii was made an honorary member of the IC of GB, Kit Spencer was made an honorary member of the S African and Japanese ICs and Sakae Yoshii was made an honorary member of the Bahamas and Uruguayan IC.  All in recognition of the tremendous effort they have made to make the week a success.


IC junior result 2018_10122018.xlsx


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