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Royal Pines Resort - IC Tennis and Dinner - 31 October

 The afternoon's tennis was highly "competitive" as in there were some great shots played and everyone was  entertained. Former Wimbledon singles semi finalist Rod Frawley flew back from Germany to take part alongside  Wimbledon/Australian Open doubles winner Geoff Masters, Australian Open doubles winner Di Evers, Chris Kachel,  Kerryn Pratt, Noel Jensen, Greg Braun, John Decker, Geoff Voller, Campbell Robertson to name but a few. IC  Match Captain Victor Eke kept the matches and pair moving around. Amongst the spectators were Ken and Wilma  Rosewall and Trevor and Daphne Fancutt.  The shot of the day below....

 After tennis, drinks followed by dinner at Royal Pines. Wayne Pascoe entertained the 48 guests with trivia  questions, while Kerryn Pratt interviewed the many "characters" in the room including Dale "Aminal" Collings. A  great night!!

 A special mention to IC match committee member, Toowoomba solicitor and French Open doubles specialist Noel  Jensen for his enormous efforts in getting this event off the ground and running smoothly. Well done Noel! 


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